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In each “Reno Lens” blog post, we showcase five outstanding images from the Reno area. In this special first-day-of-winter installment, we pulled some photos from the inaugural Reno Lens book. We have a view of downtown Reno at night, a snow-covered Bartley Ranch Regional Park, an overview of Reno covered in snow, a wild horse near the Truckee River, and some snow shoveling fun in Northwest Reno.

We are currently planning a second Reno Lens book. The 2018 Reno Lens book (Volume II) will be a dedication to Reno’s 150th birthday, which is May 9, 2018. Therefore, the focus of this book will be more historical than the 2016 version, which was a modern tribute to Reno’s colorful seasons. We are looking for images that span all 150 years of Reno’s existence for the 2018 project; modern photo submissions are also welcome. You can find more information and submit your photos for the second Reno Lens book online. Deadline to submit photos is January 18, 2018.

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Downtown Reno at night with river in view in winter

Photo by Lee Molof

Bartley Ranch Regional Park with snow covered buildings and old farm equipment

Photo by Linda Seibert

Overview of Reno in winter

Photo by Brandon Collins

Wild horse in front of snow covered mountain

Photo by Faryal Zaidi

Two people shoveling snow in Northwest Reno

Photo by Barbara Mareno

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