Artist Q & A with Jennifer Kapnek

Artwork of tree branches - Preserved: Limb, timber and tree-spirit

What made you choose acrylic as your medium?

I am originally from NYC, and a trained metalsmith. I found painting out of a need to express my creativity, on my own terms, in my tiny apartment.

What is the best part about working with recycled materials/acrylics?

I could not pick any one part as the best, honestly. I love all the parts. I am excited every step of the way.  I feel truly lucky and I am honored.  I am joyful my pursuit.

Can you describe the process behind your show ‘Preserved: Limb, Timber and Tree-Spirit?’

This show contains the greatest number of  pieces from the “historical” series I have ever assembled as a group. The historical paintings have an identified branch returned to its former self (the lilac painting has an actual lilac branch). This type of preservation is where I am the most focused today. I am humbled and excited to imagine this idea could mean as much to anyone else as it does to me.

How has your work changed over time?

In some ways, very minimally, and in other ways profoundly. I when I began this journey, I wanted simply to paint trees on wood. I gave myself permission to do just that, until got bored or found another direction. What has been amazing to me is how that simple concept had led me in so many directions, and I am not at all bored, yet in many ways I am still pursuing that same simple idea. I certainly feel invigorated and am committed to evolving.

Do you see yourself in your artwork?

I do, although I cannot promise that anyone else does. I love quiet, nature, simplicity, balance, poetry, reverence, preservation and beauty. I am not sure that I embody any of those qualities, but I certainly aspire to.

Jennifer Kapnek’s artwork can be seen in Gallery West at McKinley Arts & Culture Center from October 16 – December 1, 2017.

Artwork called tropical sun with tree branch on top of orange circle

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