Reno Lens LXIX

In each “Reno Lens” blog post, we showcase five outstanding images from the Reno area. Some great fall pictures have been shared to Reno Lens in the last few weeks. From left to right, we have Caughlin Creek showing some rusty-orange colors, a colorful bench at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park with leaves trickled on the ground, a view of the mountains through trees in Hidden Valley, beautiful fall trees in Northwest Reno, and a neighborhood in old southwest Reno lined with trees showing bright fall colors. Leaves are falling, but there is still time to capture the fall colors. Share your photos using the hashtag #RenoLens.

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Caughlin Creek in Reno with water flowing

Photo by Piyush Bakane










Bench at San Rafael Park during the fall

Photo by Jennifer Lindhout Shaffer‎











Looking through trees with a view of mountains

Photo by Ali Rivera










Colorful fall trees in Northwest Reno

Photo by Barbara Sorensen Mareno








Neighborhood with colorful fall trees

Photo by Susie Lang

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