Take the Light Bulb Challenge on National Energy Efficiency Day

Person changing light bulb with text to visit energyefficiencyday.org and Oct 5 2017 is energy efficiency day

Did you know that the energy used to provide power to cool, heat and light our homes and cook our meals contributes 28 percent of the climate pollution generated by our community? And in Nevada, the average monthly residential energy use is more than 900 kWh, resulting in an average bill of around $110? You can join our efforts at the City of Reno to reduce climate pollution by making investments in energy efficiency.

Today is a great day to start, as October 5 is national Energy Efficiency Day (EE Day). By being more efficient with how you use energy in the home, you’re saving yourself money while reducing climate pollution.

One way to get involved is to take the “Light Bulb Challenge.” The challenge is to replace at least one bulb in your home with an energy-efficient LED bulb. LED bulbs use half of the energy used by traditional bulbs. By replacing the most frequently used bulbs in your home with LED bulbs, you can save hundreds of dollars in annual energy usage. Visit the Energy Efficiency Day website and join the challenge.

There are other ways you can help save energy in the home as well. NV Energy has plenty of resources that anyone can take part in. They can provide a completely free PowerShift Home Energy Assessment to help you understand how efficient your home is and how you can reduce your energy use. They can also install a free smart thermostat that helps you monitor and keep track of your energy savings even when you’re away from the home.

The City Reno has been investing in energy efficiency improvements over the past seven years. We’ve reduced energy use by 37% and saved more than $10 million. Our next big project is to replace the fluorescent bulbs in our parking garage with LED bulbs. This project will help us reduce operational and maintenance costs, freeing up funds for other city priorities.

From the businesses to the office to the home, we can all make small and smart investments in energy efficiency. By being a part of EE Day and signing up for a free PowerShift Home Energy Assessment, you are helping do your part to put an end to wasted energy and reducing climate pollution.

As the City of Reno embarks on our own efforts to reduce energy use in municipal buildings, we invite you to join us by taking initiative in your home!

Written by: Lynne Barker

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