Reno Lens LXVIII

In each “Reno Lens” blog post, we showcase five outstanding images from the Reno area. In this special first-day-of-fall post, we look back on some wonderful fall colors from last year. From left to right, we have a close-up view of a leaf showing bold color at Rancho San Rafael park, fall colors in a Reno neighborhood, early fall colors beginning to show on the Riverwalk, fall trees in south Reno, and Sage on Peavine Mountain. Be sure to capture this year’s fall colors and share them with the hashtag #RenoLens.

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Trees showing fall colors in South Reno

Photo by Bobbee Rickard







Sage showing fall color on Peavine Mountain

Photo by Barbara Sorensen Mareno







Trees showing fall colors along riverwalk path

Photo by Natalie Lumbo








Close up of leaf showing fall color

Photo by Jennifer Lindhout Shaffer









Trees and bushes in a neighborhood showing fall colors.

Photo by Susie Lang


  • Reply September 22, 2017

    Mike Rowley

    Why not show the pot holes in our streets, which haven’t been repaired, while the City spends money on “art items”…..or perhaps address the recently purchased voting machines that were at the same time being discarded by other Cities/States as being too easy to hack and of poor quality….by the way who was the person in the Reno City Council or whatever entity that selected those voting machines? Name Please!

    • Reply September 22, 2017

      City of Reno

      You can contact Reno Direct at 775-334-INFO (4636) or to report potholes. A work order will be generated for every pothole so they can get repaired. As for voting machines, Washoe County Registrar of Voters ( is responsible for all voting operations. You can contact them at 775-328-3670.

      • Reply September 22, 2017

        Mike Rowley

        Thank you!!!!

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