How do I report an abandoned vehicle?


In Reno, anyone may park on any public street, regardless of who owns the home where the vehicle is parked. However, vehicles on a public street for 48 hours or more without moving are considered abandoned (even if the vehicle belongs to the home it’s parked in front of).

To report an abandoned vehicle, citizens should contact Reno Direct at, or via chat on Be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Exact location of the vehicle (address it’s parked in front of or the street it’s on and the nearest cross street)
  • Color, make, model, and license plate number
  • Anything that stands out aesthetically, such as damage, flat tires, stickers, etc.
  • How long it has been since it last moved from its current position.

A Reno Police Department representative will then be dispatched to tag the vehicle with a 48-hour warning notice. The Senior Auxiliary Volunteer Effort (SAVE) will go out for the initial posting, and they will revisit the vehicle to check if it is still there before sending it to Parking Enforcement.

Parking Enforcement will verify if the vehicle has moved and may cite the vehicle and submit it for towing.


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