Get Involved with your Neighborhood Advisory Board

Do you want to influence change in the City of Reno? Do you want the opportunity to lend your voice to important issues in your neighborhood? Getting involved with a Neighborhood Advisory Board is a great opportunity to do just that.

The City of Reno has 5 Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NAB). Each NAB covers 1 of 5 wards within the City. NABs improve neighborhood communications between residents, City staff and City Council Members and provide an opportunity for residents to voice important issues in their neighborhood, and to create an added communication channel for residents to provide feedback on certain development projects in their neighborhood.

Just listen to what current members have to say about being involved with Neighborhood Advisory Boards.

“…let everybody in the community know that your voice matters and they want to hear from you.” – Cynthia Albright, Ward 2 NAB Member

“Neighborhood Advisory Boards are a great way to get more information about projects going on.” – Jana Vanderhaar, Ward 1 NAB Member

“We inform the decision makers with the points of view that come straight from the street, and that’s what it’s all about.” – Steve Funk, Ward 2 NAB Member

To learn more about your NAB, visit: Reno.Gov/NAB

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