Local Artist Q&A: Robert Rollins

Currently featured in Reno City Hall’s Metro Gallery is photographer Robert Rollins. His work on Fort Churchill emphasizes the temperamental and majestic splendor of the American West and captures the lost splendor of a forgotten historic structure.

Fort Churchill images on wall at Metro Gallery


In the 90’s I started my own photography business, the Image Makers. I shot weddings and various commercial works for real-estate companies through the Sacramento and Bay area locations. From 2000 to current, I have worked as a freelance photographer shooting travel related and fine art images.

What is your process?

I make photographic images using both film and digital cameras, and I shoot film transparencies with either 4×5 sheet film or medium format 2 ¼ roll films.

Goals for the show?

In 2016 I was visiting Ft. Churchill and it was mentioned the fort does not have much public exposure. My goal is to share Fort Churchill with everyone in the hope that they will visit the park themselves.


The very nature of nature inspires me along with sharing the light of my images with others.


I have had a great number of influences such as Ansel Adams. However, I get most of my influence from the photographic subject itself.

What are you trying to communicate?

For people to visit and appreciate Fort Churchill.

What can you tell us about your style?

Some time ago I was visiting the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno and they had an exhibit on the works of Rembrandt and his work took my breath away; his use of raw light within his composition resonated with what one of my photography teachers said long ago that “It’s all about the light.”  I try to photographically paint the light naturally on my subjects without much filtration or Photoshop enhancements. 


Please join us for the reception for Robert Rollins: Historic Fort Churchill, in Metro Gallery of Reno City Hall, on May 4, 2017, 5-7pm.

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