Local Artist Q&A: Grant Miller

Grant Miller is a sculptural artist that lives here in Reno, making minimalistic non-representative sculptures, predominantly made of welded metal and stainless steel. He creates most of his work at his home and at Brett Moten’s Infinity Forge, on West Dickerson. He is currently exploring the use of other metals, as well as bronze casting. His work is currently being exhibited at Metro Gallery in a joint show, alongside painter Mahsan Ghazianzad. 

Pack Man Red Powder Coated steel sculpture   What is your process?

I create sculptures from visual images to which I am attracted.  They may be objects in nature such as rocks, leaves, plants, and the landscape.   Or they could be from pictures in magazines or artistic works of others on which I wish to expand.  This is followed by making sketches and small three-dimensional models (maquettes) of cardboard or wood.  If these continue to please, I make measured drawings which are digitized and sent to a waterjet company which cut parts to a desired size.  The parts are welded together, and appropriately finished. 

What are your goals for the show?

To be attracted to the sculptures in a similar way in which I was attracted to the originating visual image or stimulus.

What is your inspiration?

I always try to make sculptures which are esthetically pleasing and provide a meaningful thought or emotion.

What are your influences? 

Henry Moore, David Smith, Brancusi, and Fletcher Benton

What are you trying to communicate?

A stimulus for thinking and feeling.

What can you tell us about your style?

Non-reprentative, abstract, and minimalistic with the fewest number of parts.

More information:

Grant’s sculptures can be seen at the Metro Gallery on the 1st floor of Reno City Hall now through April 21, 2017. The current joint exhibition features painter Mahsan Ghazianzad and sculptor Grant Miller. Ghazianzad’s expressive abstract compositions demonstrate emotion, thought, sensations, and tie together seamlessly to Miller’s three-dimensional sculptures, together provoking thought, laughter, and wonder. The works being shown include Ghazianzad’s large-scale oil and charcoal paintings, and Miller’s salvaged-parts sculptures, creating an enveloping landscape to walk into.

Constellation yellow powder coated steel sculpture


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