Reno Lens LIII

In each “Reno Lens” blog post, we showcase five outstanding images from the Reno area. In this installment we (from left to right) see the sun setting over the Truckee River, the Nevada Humane Society’s annual duck race event, a Reno Aces game, a stormy Reno night and a qualifying event for Reno’s National Championship Air Races. Photo credits for the above images are included below.

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Reno Lens photo

Photo by Mike Lindberg

Reno Lens photo

Photo by Janis Knight

Reno Lens photo

Photo by Susie Lang

Reno Lens photo

Photo by Neil Lockhart

Reno Lens photo

Photo by Frank Campbell

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  • Reply April 6, 2017


    You’re getting me really excited to get out with my camera and try some new things out. These pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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