Reno Lens LII

In each “Reno Lens” blog post, we showcase five outstanding images from the Reno area. In this installment we (from left to right) see a participant enjoying the Reno Pride event, an Artown dance performance, a view of the last night of Artown, gilded bronze sculptures at the Nevada Art Museum, and a Compression participant. Photo credits for the above images are included below.

There’s still time to check out the Reno Lens Exhibit at McKinley, but if you’re not able to make it before August 12, you can take a virtual tour. The virtual tour was created by Cody Johnson.

To get involved, or for more information about Reno Lens:

  1. Use the #RenoLens hashtag on social media
  2. Visit
  3. Join the Reno Lens Facebook group
  4. View the digital Reno Lens: BELIEVE book
  5. Check out the #RenoLens Instagram feed here on our blog
Pride parade participant

By Busboom Busboom

Artown dance performance

By Bill Arias

Panoramic view of Artown closing night in Reno

By Tony Fuentes

Nevada Art Museum gilded bronze sculptures

By Linda Johnston Seibert

Compression participant

By Chris Oggerino

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