Our community exceeded expectations to ReImagine Reno

ReImagine Reno Focus Group

ReImagine Reno wrapped up the first phase of public input for the Master Plan Update on October 31st. With all the participation tallied up, we are humbled by the number of people who shared their ideas for the future of Reno. In all, we connected with just under 6,000 people! The number of engaged citizens and the impressive diversity of ideas is something to be proud of: the residents of Reno–and the region at large–are invested in keeping Reno great and figuring out how to improve where needed.

Breakout group at the LGBT Focus Group. Photo courtesy of Good Luck MacBeth

Breakout group at the LGBT Focus Group. Photo courtesy of Good Luck MacBeth

By the Numbers

People who took the online survey: 4,135
People who participated in a focus group: 766
People who attended a presentation: 1,013
TOTAL number of people who were reached: 5,914

ReImagine Reno’s original engagement goal was 4,000 — the 5,914 who were reached by the process exceeds that goal by 48 percent! ReImagine Reno is the deepest public engagement in the City of Reno’s history to date.

What’s Next?

City staff are analyzing all the input and will share a summary with City Council on December 16th. In the City’s ongoing commitment to open data, the summary report, appendices and all the raw input will be made available online.

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  • Reply November 14, 2015

    L. Vietti

    The November issue of Sunset Magazine has an article entitled, ” Here Comes the Neighborhood,” that you may find enlightening. As you take on the daunting task of re-energizing Reno, you are in good company envisioning better urban neighborhoods for all.

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