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Our #biggestlittlecity is filled with a number of neighborhoods comprised of creative hyper-local communities. For example, downtown Reno consists of: UNR, MidTown, Startup Row and the booming Riverside District. We are all proud of our unique neighborhoods and we all care about what happens in the areas in which we reside. So how can you influence important decisions in your neighborhood? The answer, know your ward.

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Did you know? Downtown Reno is split into three different wards! To be honest, when I first started at the City of Reno I had no idea what a ward was, let alone which ward I lived in. I simply defined my neighborhood by the iconic Startup Row flags on First St. It wasn’t until I started working at the City that I began to understand the importance of learning more about my ward. Let me explain why…

What is a Ward?

By definition, a ward is a subdivision of a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighborhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. As a resident of a ward, you’re empowered with a vote and the right to choose your ward representative for Reno City Council. At the City of Reno, there are six City Council Members and one Mayor. One Councilmember per ward and one At-Large Councilmember who represents the entire city boundary. 

With our new Ward Map, we’ve made it easy for you to discover your ward and which Councilmember represents you and your neighbors.

Why Knowing Your Ward Matters

If you know your ward, you’re armed with the knowledge of who to contact when issues arise in your neighborhood. Also, items on our City Council Meeting agendas list ward numbers. If you know your ward, you’re able to easily translate which items directly effect you and your neighbors. In an effort to keep you more informed about development happenings in your ward, we created an all new Planning and Engineering Project Map. The map displays all current plans and projects under review and/or development in Reno.

Ward Knowledge Builds Community

If you shop at local stores and visit parks in your neighborhood, you’re already building a valuable sense of community within your ward. By knowing your ward and learning about issues that effect your neighborhood, you can begin to have meaningful dialogues with your neighbors. You can even take action and collectively reach out to your City Councilmember. It’s up to you and your neighbors to take ownership and pride in your ward.

What makes you proud of your ward? Share with us on social by using the hashtag #knowyourward

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