i #thinkreno can be…


“Inspiring.” “Awesome.” “The most innovative city in the west.””A fashion mecca.” These are just a few of the many responses we’ve received from you all during the first few weeks of our ‘i #thinkreno can be…‘ campaign. I bet you’re wondering, “What’s the purpose of this campaign? Why does my one-liner matter? What difference can it make?”

What’s the purpose of this campaign?

Drive community engagement to collaboratively define a strategic vision for our city. We here at the City believe that community engagement is the crux of collectively building a brighter future for our community. The City as an organization is made up of 1100 of your family members, friends and neighbors. As less than 0.44% of the population here in Reno, we can’t possibly drive the vision for our city’s future alone. We need your help. Community engagement is the act of you and your neighbors constructively sharing ideas and valuable feedback. It’s a vital part of the democratic process and is essential to evolving our #biggestlittlecity. 

Why does my one-liner matter? 

Your one-liner allows for us to accurately evaluate keywords from the campaign, and organize visioning priorities based on these keywords after the campaign has ended. For example, if 30% of #thinkreno campaign ideas fall into the category of innovation, we’ll know that this is a top priority for our community. Have a look at the word cloud below. All ideas within the word cloud were generated from: social media using the #thinkreno hashtag, added to our various #thinkreno banners around town, and provided at the 6 Community Forums in April 2014.


What difference can it make?

Well, if your one-liner about innovation contributes to ‘Innovation’ becoming a top priority for our City’s official vision, then I’d say you’ve made a considerable difference in the future of our community. This is the beauty of community engagement.

Think you’re ready to help us build a better future for our #biggestlittlecity? Check out how you can get involved now:

1. Attend a Community Forum: These are quarterly meetings in each Ward with your Councilmember. There will be some updates on City services like Public Safety and Code Enforcement, some talk about City and neighborhood projects and a chance to help guide the long-term vision for our City.

2. Provide your ideas across social media using the hashtag #thinkreno.



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